Did You Know… Your Current Medical Insurance Coverage May Have Gaps?

Running your own business allows  you to do what you love.  It’s liberating.  It isn’t easy but, it’s yours. Your employees become like members of your family.  The question then becomes – how can you afford to offer meaningful protection for employees and their families as they work to grow your business?

Insurance Made Easy & Affordable for New Jersey’s Small Business Employers

Ponca Consulting & Insurance is dedicated to providing an affordable and easy process for small businesses in New Jersey that are seeking to supplement their employee’s current medical insurance plans with accidental death, injury, or hazard insurance.

PONCA Accident Cash Enrichment Plan (the PACE plan)

We’re all dealing with high prices and higher deductibles.  There are many voluntary plans available to employers that help their employees deal with these GAPS in coverage.

Check out the PACE Insurance Plan Brochure

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If voluntary plans are not for you or your employees, PONCA can offer an alternative.

We’re working with Pan American Life Insurance Company to offer our Ponca Accident Cash Enrichment plan (PACE plan).  This is an employer paid supplemental plan to help in bridging the GAP between where out of pocket begins and where deductibles end.  It offers meaningful coverage at a very affordable price.

Recruiting and retaining quality employees is more challenging than ever.  Small employers in particular face additional difficulties as they have to compete with larger organizations.

According to the Guardian Life 5th annual workplace benefit survey, staffing is the 2nd largest challenge facing small business (1. Revenue growth, 3&4 Competition & Legal Requirements).  Additionally, 50% of small businesses feel that administering benefits is overwhelming.

The PACE plan offers coverage with little to no administrative hassle and will help the small business owner attract and retain employees.

While the PACE plan offers coverage for the vast majority of businesses in NJ, there are some businesses that must be considered outside of PACE.  These businesses include:

  • Heavy Construction Contractors & Roofers
  • Utility Linemen & Pipeline Workers
  • Fishermen, Hunters, and Trappers
  • Miners of Non-Metallic Materials & Bituminous Coal
  • Private & Commercial Airline Pilots and Flight Attendants
  • Farmers, Ranchers, and Agricultural Production
  • Military, National Security, and International Affairs Personnel
  • Offshore Drilling Employees
  • Longshoremen
  • Loggers