Personal Accident Insurance allows you to offer significant benefits for your employees at very reasonable prices, usually starting at less than $10 per month per employee.

Hospital Cash Indemnity plans offer daily cash benefits for each 24 hour period of confinement in a hospital.  This benefit can be used to pay for the direct or indirect costs related to a hospital stay.

Accident Only Daily Hospital Cash

  • Pays a flat dollar amount for every  24 hour period of hospital confinement
  • Benefits are paid in addition to any other insurance
  • Benefits are paid regardless of the actual expense incurred
  • The intent is to offer a benefit to help defray the direct and indirect costs of a hospital stay
  • If a high deductible medical plan is in force, benefits can be used to assist the employee in paying their deductible
  • Three day retroactive waiting period.  After three continuous days in the hospital, benefits are paid retroactively to the first day of hospital confinement.
  • Benefits are payable for 180 days of continuous confinement due to a covered accidental event

Benefit payments will end of the first of the following dates:

  1. The date the Hospital Confinement ends;
  2. The date the Insured dies;
  3. The date the Benefit Period for this benefit ends; or
  4. The date insurance under this Policy ends.